Why Every City and Region Needs a Social Media Presence, a Podcast, and Content Writing.

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Every city and every region needs a social media presence. Every city and every region needs a podcast. Every city and every region needs content. But what are each of these things and why is it so important for regions and cities to have a presence on each?

Let’s take a look:

First off, let’s define each of these things:

Social Media:

By now, the majority of us know what social media is. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn - these are all different forms of social media. This term refers to any platform that you can use to share images, videos, and content as a means of networking with others. Many people use social media for personal use, but almost all businesses and professionals use it as a networking tool as well.


A podcast is a type of audio programming that you can download from the internet. In simple terms, it’s like a downloadable talk radio program. There are podcasts out there for almost any topic you can think of - parenting podcasts, true crime podcasts, news podcasts, celebrity podcasts, the list goes on and on. Podcasts are commonly listened to in the car, as well as around the home and while people workout or run.

Content writing:

If you’re reading this article then you already have a good idea as to what content marketing is. Why? Because this article is a form of content writing! Content writing is used to provide the public with information regarding relevant topics and is commonly used for marketing purposes. Content marketing can include article writing, blog writing, video scriptwriting, and so on and so forth.

What do these three things have in common? They are all excellent ways to promote yourself. Many people use these platforms for promoting their business. Influencers use social media to promote products and brands, celebrities use podcasts to promote their shows, businesses use content writing to promote their businesses - well, you get the point. But the benefits of social media, podcasts, and content writing extend far beyond celebrities and businesses. They can also be used to promote cities and regions.

Why does your city need a Social Media Presence, a Podcast, and Content Writing? Here are what all three of these things can do for your city:

1) Bring in Tourism

If you’re looking to bring tourism into your city or region, this is how to do it. You can use social media, podcasts, and content writing to get the word out there about your city and let people know about all of the different things there are to see and do there.

How can you utilize social media to bring in tourism?

● Post photos of scenic areas in your region to generate interest

● Post 360-degree videos of different parks or popular areas of your city

● Share photos and videos of different activities in your city

● Allow people to generate interest by posting and sharing their own photos in your city

● Give a virtual tour of your city or different venues within your city (ie. museums, beaches,


How can you utilize a podcast to bring in tourism?

● Invite celebrity guests onto your podcast and ask them to do a signing when finished

● Discuss different events going on within the city to generate interest

How can you utilize content writing to bring in tourism?

● Create a blog dedicated to events and relevant news within your city

● Share content regarding different things to do within your city (ie. visit a museum, stroll

through the park, go bungee jumping, etc).

2) Highlight Local Businesses

Another benefit of social media, podcasts, and content writing is that you can use each of them to highlight local businesses. Each of these three methods are great tools for showcasing different businesses in your city and bringing revenue to smaller businesses that need the extra boost. Utilizing these three methods is a great way to keep revenue flow within the city and to help out local business owners.

How can you utilize social media to highlight local businesses?

● Share photos and videos of different businesses from around the city

● Host contests related to different businesses around the city

● Provide followers with discounts and coupons for businesses around the city

● Utilize social media influencers to promote different services and products from local


How can you utilize podcasts to highlight local businesses?

● Have local business owners come in as podcast guests to discuss their business

● Promote local businesses through podcast advertisements and commercials

● Use the podcasts to allow local business owners to establish themselves as experts

How can you utilize content writing to highlight local businesses?

● Generate blog posts that highlight different businesses within your region

● Answer frequently asked questions about your city like “who is the best pediatric dentist

in the city?” or “where is the best place to get ice cream?”

● Turn your podcasts into blog posts.

● Write product or service reviews on your blog

● Share recipes from local businesses

3) Getting the News out there

When it comes to people within your city, it’s important that you keep them informed.

Unfortunately, you can’t call up everyone in the city every time there is going to be a large

storm. Nor can you call everyone every time the power goes out or anytime there is a road

closure. What can you do? You can communicate all of this through social media, podcasts, and

content writing.

How can you utilize social media to get the news out there?

● Provide real-time updates and information regarding essential news like storm warnings,

road closures, or power outages

● Generate buzz and create conversations about news topics that are relevant in your


● Create posts regarding upcoming events that could be of interest to citizens

● Take surveys and polls regarding local news opinions

How can you utilize podcasts to get the news out there?

● Use your podcast to share and discuss news topics that are relevant to your city or


● Open the phone lines to allow for residents to call in and share their opinions on local

news stories

● Raise awareness for local charities

How can you utilize content writing to get the news out there?

● Share popular news stories on your blogs

● Share opinions about popular news stories on your blogs

● Post blogs about current events in your city and around the world

● Share infographics and case studies when relevant

● Share inspirational stories from residents of your community

Why are Social Media, Podcasts, and Content Creation such powerful tools?

Here are some stats that speak for themselves:

Social Media:

● To date, over 3.5 billion people are on social media

● Over 90.4% of millennials use social media

● Social media users spend an average of 3 hours per day on social and messaging



● As of June 2020, there are over 1 million different active podcasts

● 50% of all US residents enjoy listening to podcasts and 24% listen on a regular basis

● Listeners subscribe to an average of 6 podcasts

● 81% of podcasts listeners pay attention to ads

Content marketing:

● Successful content marketing can lead to over 7.8% growth in website traffic

● Content marketing costs over 60% less than regular marketing and generates 3 times

the leads

● 72% of marketers feel that their content marketing efforts are more effective than

magazine content

As you can see, the benefits of social media, podcasts, and content marketing are

undeniable. And when it comes to your city, these are all great ways to get people interested in local events, to drive tourism, to increase business, and to spread important news throughout the city or region.

If you're a city official looking to up their Social Media game, contact me today.

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