Where is the Social Media World Headed?

Did you know that over 3.2 billion people currently use social media? That’s over 42% of

the world’s entire population! Further research suggests that the average person spends over 2.2 hours per day on their social media accounts. In McAllen, Tx, Alamo Digital Agency has helped Businesses create an online Social Media revolution right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

These are some strong (and fascinating) statistics that show where social media is at today. But what does it look like in the future? Will it continue to grow, or will we see it fizzle out? If it continues to grow, are there any new technologies that we should expect to see? Today we’ll take a look at what some of the top social media professionals think about the future of social media platforms. So let’s not waste another minute!

Social Media Statistics:

Before we dive into what the future of social media looks like, why don’t we take a closer look at the here and now. We already gave a few social media statistics regarding the number of users around the world, but let’s take a closer look at some more social media data:

Did you know?

● An estimated 2.2 billion people are on Facebook and 500, 000 new people join

every day - that’s 6 people per second! Of these users, the average person spends 35

minutes each day on Facebook.

● An estimated 800 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis. Over 40 billion

photos have been shared on the platform, and another 95 million are loaded each day.

The average user spends over 15 minutes per day on the app.

● An estimated 100 billion searches are performed on Google each month. That

means that each second over forty thousand searches are being performed.

● An estimated 187 million people use Snapchat on a daily basis. Of these 187 million

people, over 60% are under the age of 25. The average person with Snapchat spends 25

minutes a day on the platform.

● It’s estimated that over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each and

every day. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded, and the average person

watches YouTube for 40 minutes a day.

● It’s estimated that TikTok has over 500 million active users around the world.

Currently, it is the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store, and the average user

spends over 52 minutes per day on the app.

These are some pretty shocking statistics and there is little doubt that social media now plays a prominent role in society. But will it continue to do so in the future? Or is it set to fizzle out soon?

According to experts, social media is not expected to go anywhere! Rather, it’s influence is

expected to continue to grow. In 2017 alone, over one million new people joined social media networks every day. This statistic has remained relatively stable through to 2019, and is not expected to change anytime soon. Rather, in the next few years, we will see more and more people joining the social media world. While some social media platforms may lose attention, new platforms will come out that will regain user excitement.

So if it’s not going anywhere, what’s it going to look like? Here are some predictions that

experts have for the future of social media:

● Videos and live videos will become more popular than static photo content.

● We could see an increase in Premium services that allow for ad removal as well as

higher quality image, video, and audio performance.

● Social media will become talk-to-text activated, removing the need for typing.

● Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality may slowly start creeping into our social media


● Chatbots will be integrating into social media marketing content, allowing business

owners to better handle customer concerns and questions.

● Storytelling options that only last 24 hours will become more prominent and popular.

● Influencer marketing will continue to grow strong.

While the exact future of social media content is unknown, it’s very exciting to think about where the possibilities will lead. But if one thing is for certain - social media is not going anywhere. Alamo Digital Agency in Mcallen, Texas, has an Advertising & Marketing strategy that might be just perfect for your business.

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