When Fewer means More in this COVID-19 World

When COVID hit the Rio Grande Valley, we started seeing schools push back opening dates. First, it was a just couple of weeks and quickly became over a couple of months. With Online Virtual Learning and In-Class Instruction beginning around the Nation, COVID-19 is on the mind of every Parent, Student, and Staff Member.

Do we take our children to school and leave it at the hands of faculty to take care of our most precious children, or does a parent have to make a choice and give up a job to home school their children so they don't lose a precious year of learning?

I struggled with this decision for a while leading up to in-person class instruction. What helped ease me into this is personally knowing my Principal and Faculty at my children's school. Full transparency, I help the school with Social Media Content Creation so I have an inside look at all the procedures and protocols the school has in place. They created a 25-page document about new procedures and protocols that I'm pretty sure 90% of parents didn't read but knowing that they took the time and effort to create a document that pointed out exactly what is going to happen is something a lot of schools didn't do.

Mr. Martinez (Principal of Our Lady of Sorrows School) shows first hand what to expect.

We created content around what it's going to look like in this new COVID-19 World we are living in so parents can have a first-hand look at what they expected going forward. Full transparency is what I love about my children's school.

The Marketer/Advertiser saw an opportunity for smaller schools to really rise up and take market share away from these larger schools who seem to be scrambling to figure out how to deal with so many students. As we all know, the more people there are in one space, the harder it is to have any type of order. The same applies to larger schools.

Inside look at what goes on inside the school.

My whole goal this year is to show on Social Media that we offer an alternative to overcrowded schools by providing a safe environment. With a rigorous learning curriculum while always tying in the faith-based education will set up these schools for new enrollments at any point in the new year and next year.

COVID-19 will undoubtedly pass and these smaller schools will be in a position to take market share away from schools who were not prepared and dropped the ball on this. Right now is a golden opportunity to document the journey of these schools who put in the effort to see that every student succeeds in an uncertain time.

Two Private schools I highly recommend:

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School - McAllen, TX

686-3651 Pre-K-8th Grade

Juan Diego Academy - Mission, Tx

583-2752 High School

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