Two RGV Natives seek Award in Hollywood for Documentary

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Two local RGV Natives started off with a Podcast Series and 9 episodes later found themselves filming a Documentary that would go on to win Multiple Awards. This Documentary has also been recognized internationally as far as ROME.

When Robert Espericueta approached Joshua Moroles in early January about creating a Podcast, the two never expected the success this story would bring. "This story was fueled by the comment section on YouTube. People were so interested in the story that it spread like wildfire." Joshua Moroles explains.

People that have had the chance to see the Documentary at Rockport and Cinesol Film Festivals have no clue that there is a different version of the Documentary. The newest 75 Minute Feature Documentary includes chilling eyewitness details about what happened to some of the people who perished in the event.

"We found Jeff Lester, USCGC, and knew we had to get his interview so we flew out to Washington DC to get his first-hand accounts of what happened that day and the days that followed," Moroles explains. Moroles talks about how this version of the Documentary is for a Mature audience and how this version has allowed them to snag an Official Selection at the US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards this December. See pics below.

The new version also includes an interview from Juan Pablo Montoya, EMS Employee, who helped save Gaspar Hinojosa from a dangling car that hit the pillar that night. He also touches on graphic details about what he witnessed on the water.

US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards

For Robert, he had been trying to tell his story to anyone and everyone who would listen over the past 20 years. People weren't aware of the 20-year gag order the 4 fishermen were tasked with. After the fishermen claimed their money from the lawsuit, their Lawyer demanded they sign a non-disclosure agreement before they could even receive their check. “It’s the kind of story that will travel with you forever once you’ve heard it, you’ll never forget it, especially when you find yourself driving across the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway” Espericueta shares.

Red Carpet Event at Rockport Film Festival

One month leading up to the 20th year anniversary, the documentary was submitted into Film Festivals across the nation and to their surprise started to win Best Feature Documentary Awards. Espericueta, a high school dropout, has been please with the Awards the duo has been able to win. “Josh and I continue to learn and gain an appreciation for those who choose to preserve history via documentaries. It’s not an easy thing to do yet two complete novices have accomplished it. Now storytelling has become a passion we didn’t know existed within us." Espericueta explains.

Moroles, having no Documentary experience, was coached by the PSJA Southwest Highschool Theater Team on how to properly film a documentary. "The documentary that Robert and I had filmed was a very different Documentary than the one you will see on the big screen. We scrapped the project multiple times and had to reshoot the whole thing multiple times. It was the pressure that ultimately got this documentary to where it is now. We were under the gun to finish it and have a quality product we were finally happy with." Moroles says.

December 18th, the duo will fly to Hollywood, California, to compete in an Awards show for Best Feature Documentary. Their ultimate goal is to be able to tell this to a broader audience and they wish to get this on a streaming service by the end of 2022.

Listen to the Full Podcast Series here

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