Should I be using Social Media for my Business?

Businesses are scrambling to get online ever since the Pandemic hit. I've seen it first hand with a dwindling economy and an unsure market place. More than 100,000 Businesses have closed their doors permanently in 2020. But the thing I've been talking about for years still hasn't changed, and that's building one of the most powerful online reputations in your space.

Right now is the golden era where you literally have the world at your fingertips to create one of the best online reputations the world has ever seen. Setting yourself up right now is like planting a seed that will grow into a fruitful tree in the future. I won't lie, it will in fact take a lot of work, time, consistency, and money to achieve the results you want but the good news is it has been done time and time again.

One of the most disheartening things I've seen online is how the average consumer just doesn't care anymore, which is why it is even more important than ever to build this Reputation that will make people understand the journey you're taking them on because when you can get someone to emotionally attach themselves to your company, you have a customer for life.

I remember the whole "SUPPORT LOCAL" idea that everyone was pushing when doors started closing and businesses started to cut employees, shifts, and work with skeleton crews just to keep the lights on another week. The SUPPORT LOCAL was short-lived because we live in an instant gratification world where honestly, people just don't care because there are always other options for them and in most cases, it's just easier to go with those other options. That mentality isn't going away any time soon.

If it's one thing a Pandemic has taught us is businesses are under a microscope even more so now and people honestly just don't care. The thing that happens is when a business starts to get complaints, it stamps a bad image in people's brains and when they happen to pass that business in the future, they gloss over that business and dismiss it. There is no rebuttal a business can say after the fact because first impressions last a very long time. This is how people are wired and it leaves businesses wondering what the hell happened.

That is why building the best online reputation has to be at the forefront of everything I talk about. With a powerful online reputation, you can do a number of things.

1: It allows you to stand out from all the noise on Social Media.

2: It helps you push your narrative to people you actually want to reach.

3: It allows you to go deep with your message.

4: It brings people along for the journey.

And to answer the question "Should I be using Social Media for my Business?" The answer is absolutely yes!

There are so many benefits that come along with utilizing social media marketing and if you aren’t doing it already then you’re 10 steps behind your competitors. But what are the

benefits of social media marketing and why should you be using it? Let’s take a look:

Why should you be using social media? Let’s start with the statistics…

First, let’s talk about users:

● As of 2019 there were 3.7 billion active users on social media. The entire world

population is only 7.8 billion.

● The average person has 7.6 social media accounts

● The average person spends over 2.5 hours on social media each day

● Each second, 10 new users create a social media account

● Facebook and Whatsapp process over 60 billion messages per day

Impressive, right? Now let’s talk about your competitors:

● 81% of small and medium businesses utilize social media for marketing

● Over 91% of retail brands have at least 2 social media accounts

● In 2019, over $90 billion was spent on social media advertising

And business statistics:

● 54% of social media users use social media to research products

● 71% of consumers who have had a good experience with a brand on social media

will recommend that brand to others

● 73% of marketers believe that their social media marketing efforts have been

somewhat or very effective in attracting customers

● 50% of consumers say that seeing a product on social media increases the chances

of buying it.

With statistics like these, it’s easy to see why social media is so effective when it comes to

marketing. But to elaborate, here are some of the benefits that come along with marketing

through social media:

1) It’s free

There are dozens of different ways of marketing your product or services - television, radio,

magazine, and so on and so forth - but if you want to reach out to a large audience, it’s going to cost you a significant amount of money.

Social media allows you to capture that audience absolutely free. All you have to do is sign

up for an account, start generating the content, and you instantly have access to millions of

users worldwide - it doesn’t cost you a penny.

2) Even advertising is cheap

When it comes to social media marketing you can generate followers organically, but you

can also pay for advertising. Yes, this costs money, but in comparison to other marketing

methods, it’s still very cheap. In fact, many people state that social media advertising is

significantly underpriced - so get it while the going gets good!

3) It personalizes your brand

Every successful business owner understands that if you want to do well, you need to be

able to connect with your consumers - and social media is the perfect place to do that.

Through your posts and content, you can tell consumers who you are, what the values are

behind your brand, and how you look out for your customers and employees. By doing so

you make your brand more personal and create real human connections that are essential

for success.

4) It helps you to manage your reputation

When it comes to business, your reputation is everything. And unfortunately, not everyone is going to be happy with the products or services that you offer. Luckily, your social media account allows them an outlet for their frustrations. Instead of posting their frustrations all over the internet, they have a place to go to address their concerns with you directly. You can then use this opportunity to address the negatives before they turn into major issues


5) It allows you to engage with your customers

Unlike the majority of marketing communication that is a one-way street, social media opens up the pathway for two-way communication and connections. By staying active and engaging with your followers, you can gain both their trust and their loyalty.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways that social media is benefiting businesses.

Here are some other ways that companies are using social media to improve their business:

● Mercedes Benz, a famous car company, has increased its sales by 10.3% by using

an advanced audience targeting market campaign on Facebook.

● Pura Vida, an artisanal jewelry company, saw a 2.8x lift in sales after creating a

Black Friday event on Facebook.

● Lionsgate movie production company increased showtime lookups by 20% when

they used Facebook’s Best Practices setup

● Blackswan Catering saw an increase in catering booking after launching a paid

advertisement campaign on Facebook

● Rogers Wireless saw an increase in plan purchases after using Facebook video ads

And the list goes on and on. Will your business be the next to join this list?

If you're a business that needs help growing your online reputation, send me a message. The tactics I use have helped business owners use every Marketing/Advertising Dollar to turn it into more Dollars for the business. Alamo Digital Agency & Joshua Moroles (Digital Marketer) have helped businesses across Texas get in front of the right people.

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