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As of 2019, there are over 800,000 active podcasts around the world with over 54 million episodes to listen to. Podcasts come in a variety of different categories and interests ranging from criminal investigations, to psychic mediums, to reality television, to mathematics, and news. Regardless of your interests, there’s sure to be a podcast that relates to it. But why are so many people creating podcasts and why is it such a good idea to start up a podcast today?

Personally, I like to do my Podcasts in series because it can get a little overwhelming at times to book guests, edit the content, and then publish across all the platforms. You can always pay someone to do all of this for you. While there is no set price range for this, you're looking at a $1,000-3,000 investment if you want a hands free Podcast.

It’s all in the numbers:

As we just mentioned, there are millions of podcasts out there to listen to from over 800,000 different podcasters. But how many people are actually listening? According to statistics, over 62 million Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. In 2013 this number was 19 million, so you can see how quickly the popularity has jumped.

And remember, these numbers are JUST in the United States. That means there are millions of other listeners in other areas of the world. With millions of people listening to podcasts on the regular, this gives entrepreneurs or business owners the opportunity to reach out to a massive audience. And if you do things right, over 85% of listeners will listen to your entire show!

Long-form Content

Let’s face the facts - in today’s world, we’re bombarded with advertisements and marketing campaigns that come in the form of short-form content. Whether these be blog posts, television ads, viral videos, or Facebook posts, most marketing tactics are aimed towards short bursts of information. Obviously these work great (or else they wouldn’t exist), but podcasts allow you to go even deeper.

With podcasts, instead of capturing everything you want to portray in a short 30-second video clip, you can spend 60 minutes digging deeper into whatever content you want. By producing this long-form content you can develop a stronger connection with your audience and promote yourself as an expert in your industry.

Generating Leads

Most podcasters place a great deal of focus on doing interviews. Not only do these interviews make things more interesting for the audience, but they are beneficial for the podcaster in many ways. Firstly, it allows them to support their partners. By interviewing someone on your podcast, you are opening them up to your audience and helping them to promote their business - but this works both ways. When interviewing a partner, you may also gain new listeners from their follower group. You are constantly generating new leads and it’s really a win-win for everyone.

Creating a Connection

We all know that success in business comes down to the relationships that you build with your clients. Unfortunately, building relationships isn't always easy through a photo or a short video clip. But with podcasts, you can allow yourself to get more personal. Podcasts allow you to showcase your personality and build a deeper connection with your audience.

It allows them to get to know you on a deeper, more personal level, which strengthens your

connection and keeps your audience coming back for more. But not only can you showcase your personality through podcasts, but you can also interact with your listeners.

By answering listener questions or allowing your listeners to call in with opinions, you create a two way street of communication that will strengthen both trust and loyalty to your brand.

Podcasts are the new trend

You don’t have to search far and wide to see that podcasts are hot and trending. And when asking “why do I need to create a podcast?”, all you have to do is look at the podcast statistics and trends:

Did you know?

● Over 59% of 18-24 year olds listen to podcasts regularly

● Podcasts are listened to in over 50% of all US homes

● 16 million people in the United States are considered “avid fans” of podcasts

● 64% of listeners listen to podcasts while driving

● Podcasts listeners listen to an average of 7 podcasts per week

● 85% of listeners will listen to a show all the way through

● 81% of podcast listeners also listen to the ads

(Stats courtesy of

Statistics like these speak for themselves. If you aren’t podcasting, you’re missing out on a massive audience. And if you are podcasting, you have the ability to reach millions of potential clients and customers. So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming ideas of podcasts today and open your business to the world of long-form content.

If you are a Medium to Large Business or City and County needing to get into the podcast game, contact me today.

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