Marketing strategies Multi-Million Dollar Companies use...

Top 10 List of Marketing strategies and why you should be using them for your business.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies
  1. Social Media, I can already tell you that this Marketing strategies is crucial for your success. Market to where your audience already is hanging out.

  2. Start Blogging away! If you’re like me, I had no clue about the power of blogging but with this powerful piece of content, you can inform, educate and segment your audiences to what they like.

  3. Email : I’ll admit when I got into the Social Media game I was always pitching how Email is DEAD, I couldn’t be more misinformed. Email is still how Multi Million Dollar Companies like Uber, Birchbox, Dropbox, Marriott Hotels & are crushing the competition.

  4. Contests and Giveaways- Who doesn’t love winning free things. I can tell you when yo have people sharing your Content for a chance to Win a $50 Gift Card from your favorite restaurant, people go nuts!

  5. Social Influence : As your brands message gets out to more people, people will start to understand that you are a leader or expert in your industry when you are able to provide accurate information that actually helps the customer.

  6. Social Listening : This is Customer Service at a whole different level. This one can be tricky because if you don’t have the right systems in place it can be utter chaos for your Brand. What is Social Listening?

  1. USP or Unique Selling Points - This is where you tell everyone about how your product or service is different from everyone elses. Standing out in a crowded environment like Social Media is hard but with a Unique Selling Point, it allows people to understand why they should pick you.

  2. Filter - Let’s face it, your business isn’t going to be for everyone. By telling people exactly who you are, what your do and what you can provide, people will naturally filter out and you will have better qualified Leads.

  3. Social Media Advertising - With Social Media Advertising you can reach more people than any other type of Advertising. It’s inexpensive and it works.

  4. Video - With this type of content you can explain, educate and create quick consumable content that your audience is already used to. Keep it relevant and short at first.

I hope you all enjoyed this Top 10 list of Marketing strategies your business can execute right now. If you have any questions, comments or something you would like me to talk about, drop it in the Comments Below. See you soon!

Marketing strategies

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