I'm featured in New York Weekly!

When the whole pandemic hit, it was a very uncertain time for a lot of people, including myself. It seemed overnight I lost half of my clients and went into overdrive figuring out a way to get in front of people to share that Social Media is the best way to stay in the game as far as Advertising and Marketing go. The Business Owner could do it themselves, save money, and not have to worry about hiring an outside agency. Seems counterproductive for my Business right?

I went from salesman to educator and instead of going in for the sale to hire my Agency, I gave a ton of information on how business owners can do it themselves. What happened next was a blessing. I got busy...really busy.

Everyone found out that Social Media is another job on top of what they are already doing, trying to navigate a business during a pandemic. I started getting a ton of DMs across my Social Media, shared practical tactics that were low cost, and strategies that helped business owners implement their own Pandemic Campaigns.

I shared a strategy on the article that I used through the pandemic for my clients to keep them in front of the right people and it worked beautifully!

Some of my Advertising Tactics are deceptively simple and that's why they work. In an over-complicated world, KISS works. Always has and always will.

Read the Article here 📲 New York Weekly Article

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