How you can have a positive impact with Social Media during a COVID 19 World

For the last decade, social media has shaped our world. It has a massive influence on people all around the world and can shape the way we look at ourselves and the world around us. In terms of Covid-19, what is put on social media can have a direct impact on how people respond to the pandemic. If we instill a sense of panic then panic is what will incur. But if we instill a sense of peace and normalcy, then peace and normalcy is what will come. Here are some ways that you can make a positive impact on social media during a Covid-19 world. Alamo Digital Agency in McAllen, Tx, has helped businesses during one of the hardest times to get in front of the right audience at the right time with the use of Digital Marketing.

1) Encourage social interaction.

One of the most difficult parts of living with Covid-19 is social isolation. Statistics are difficult to find but there is no denying that suicide rates have increased drastically since the start of the pandemic. There are many reasons for this increase including social isolation from friends and loved ones, loss of a job, loss of security, and so on and so forth.

There are some things that as individuals we have no control over, but when it comes to social isolation, we can help. Social media is one of the top ways that we communicate in 2020. By encouraging social interaction on our social media pages, we can help people feel more connected and reduce the impact that social isolation has on the people around us.

2) Stay positive.

What we say and do affects the people around us. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, social media has the power to shape the way we look at the world. If we are constantly posting negative news or spreading fear, we can only expect that those reading our social media will experience fear and anxiety as well. Stick with positive news and keep things upbeat. Instead of posting how many people have died from Covid-19, stick to statistics that share information on survival rates and things you can do to reduce your risk of being affected by Covid-19. In other words, avoid negative news at all costs (there’s already enough of that in the world).

3) Share resources

Covid 19 has been a tough time for everyone. People are losing their jobs, people are losing touch with their family and loved ones, and people are looking for support. You can help by providing your followers with resources that can help. For example, you could share information about local food banks or nonprofit organizations that are looking to help out during the pandemic.

4) Avoid the Covid 19 topic, maybe...

When talking about Covid-19 on your social media, it's important that you stay positive and keep things upbeat. But it's important to remember that even though Covid-19 has been the headline news topic in our world for quite some time, there are lots of other things going on as well. Covid-19 is on our minds all the time, so as someone who is looking to make a positive impact on social media, we should also be focusing on other things going on in the world today. Local events, online meetups, positive news, and other exciting topics can help to take people's minds off of the pandemic if only for a few minutes.

Instead, make a transition to how your business is making it safe for customers and staff to live in this current world we live in. Let's face it, Covid-19 isn't going away anytime soon and businesses need to make money to survive. There are ways of navigating this so you don't have to completely ignore the real issue that is on everyone's mind.

5) Remember to lead with sympathy and empathy.

Always remember that your readers are going through a rough time. Sales may be your end goal, but you also need to provide your followers with content that is sympathetic and empathetic to their needs. As people are facing new challenges in their lives, anxiety, fear, stress, and vulnerability are all emotions that people may be facing. Provide them with content that can help them work through these emotions, even if that content is not product or service related, and you will be sure to gain a loyal consumer base.

We tend to forget that sometimes less is more and by being able to navigate this Digital World with Digital Marketing with the right message will set you up for the longterm. One of the sayings I live by in Marketing is "people like us do things like this" which puts the decision back in the hands of the people because now they get to choose where they want to be instead of the businesses shoving Marketing & Advertising down their throat.

Joshua Moroles of Alamo Digital Agency in McAllen is here to share the philosophies of what it takes to stay relevant in a Digital World using Digital Marketing. Use these 5 tips above and make your Marketing mean something to the people you want to serve.

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