How to Get Monetized on YouTube (a Beginners Guide)

So you want to start making some money on YouTube? Great! But easier said than done. Not everyone has what it takes to monetize their videos - but we have confidence that you do! With a little bit of research and a lot of hard work, you can make money off of your YouTube Channel.

If it's one thing 2020 taught us is that everything can change in the blink of an eye and the possibility of being laid off from a job you've had for years is a very scary thing. I always talk about having multiple streams of income and monetizing your YouTube Channel is one of them. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but it will take a lot of work, an investment of money, and niching down as much as possible.

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But before you can do that, there are some things you need to know. Here’s a beginners guide on how to get monetized on YouTube:

The Requirements

Before you can start making money on YouTube, you need to understand the requirements to do so. As of 2020, YouTube has some updated requirements in place:

Requirement #1: You must have 1000 subscribers. There’s not much else to say here. It doesn’t matter how you obtain these subscribers, but you must have them. Once you do, you have achieved this portion of the requirements.

Requirement #2: You must have 4000 hours of watch time. No. This doesn’t mean that you must have watched 4000 hours of YouTube videos. It means that other people from around the world must have watched over 4000 hours of your YouTube content. Oh - and did we mention that those 4000 hours must have been in the last 12 months? Watched content can include videos, live streams, and unlisted videos.

If you pass these two requirements then you qualify to join the YouTube Partner Program and you can start placing advertisements on your YouTube Channel and videos. Don't give up!

The Rules:

Okay, so you’ve qualified for the YouTube Partner Program - now what? Now you need to make sure you adhere to YouTube’s rules and guidelines so that you don’t get removed from the program. YouTube has a variety of monetization policies surrounding its Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Google AdSense program policies. It’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with each of these to ensure that you are following their guidelines at all times. If you don’t, YouTube retains the right to remove you from their program at any given time.

Basically, each policy incorporates rules of common sense. For example, YouTube states that you cannot include nudity or sexual content in your videos, you cannot include hate speech in your videos, you cannot harass or bully anyone, you cannot include dangerous content or content that affects child safety, and so on and so forth - you know, common sense stuff. Basically, keep your video appropriate.

Your AdSense Account

So you’ve reached your requirements and understand all of the rules and regulations - now you can get started on the actual monetization process. The first thing you will need? An AdSense Account. This is how you will get paid. You can use an existing AdSense account, or you can set one up during the Youtube Partner application process.

Getting Reviewed:

Note that in order to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel will first undergo a review. During your review, automated systems and human workers will review your account to ensure that you meet all of the eligibility guidelines and requirements. The entire review process usually takes about 1 month, but can take longer depending on application volume, system concerns, or other things that may delay the process.

If your application has been rejected for any reason, you can reapply after 30 days.

Monetizing your Account

Once you have set up your AdSense and been accepted into the Program, then you can start monetizing your account. Here’s how:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account and click on your Profile Image.

Step 2: Click on the link for “YouTube Studio” and select “Monetization” from the left-hand panel

Step 3: Click on the link for “Video Advertising”. Here you can confirm your status and review/change your settings.

Step 4: In the left-hand panel, click on “Settings>Upload Defaults>Extras”. This will bring up all of your advertisement options at the bottom of the screen. Select your preferences and save.

Step 5: Check for a green dollar sign next to your video to ensure that your video monetization is turned on.

And it’s really that simple! That’s how you can start monetizing your channel on YouTube.

But what if you want to monetize your videos or channel but don’t meet the requirements? That doesn’t mean that you won’t meet the requirements in the future. If you are working hard on gaining subscribers and getting views, you can always opt to monetize later. In such a case, YouTube will let you know once you have hit your requirement milestones.

To get a notification once you are eligible for the YouTube Partner Program:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account and click on your Profile Image.

Step 2: Click on the link for “YouTube Studio” and select “Monetization” from the left-hand panel

Here you will see a summary of how many subscribers you have, as well as how many public watch hours you have.

Step 3: Click on “notify me when I’m eligible”.

And that’s how you start to monetize on YouTube. Remember, however, that you will only get as much out of the Partner Program as you put into it. If you take the time to create unique, entertaining content your efforts will pay off. If you slack, so will your rewards.

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